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Welcome to ‘Biodynamiska Produkter’. This information in English is aimed for the international visitor to our website and contains only a brief introduction of the foundation and contact information to relevant functions within the organization.  Feel free to have a look on the Swedish version of the site to get a full picture of our assortment and services offered.
Biodynamiska Produkter is a foundation essentially aimed at accomplishing three things.
  • To support the growers by making their products available to consumers so that they gain both a market and a long term partner.
  • To offer consumers the best possible quality organic and biodynamic food products.
  • To contribute to the development of biodynamic and organic farming and related areas by supporting farming projects, research and education.

Biodynamiska Produkter fulfills these aspirations through our three business areas – read more below.


Biodynamiska Produkter is one of the first and one of the largest organic wholesalers in Sweden. We exclusively offer organic as well as biodynamic products. We have a very wide assortment of biodynamic and organic fruit, vegetables, bread, drinks, dairy products, dry products as well as cleaning and personal care products. Our clients range from the one man company to stores, cafés, bakeries, school kitchens and Michelin restaurants. The products offered should breathe quality, not only in the finished product but also in the values and founding ideas of the suppliers.

If you represent a company interested in distributing your products through Biodynamiska Produkter, please send a brief introduction to

If you represent a company interested in distributing fruit and vegetables through Biodynamiska Produkter, please send a brief introduction to Cas Snijder

You can also call us directly on: +46 (0)8-554 810 30


Our trading business is a means to come as close to the growers as possible, no matter where they are located. Through our trading business we work in cooperation with other similar companies and foundations in order to purchase products directly from growers in several countries and import their products by boat to mainly Holland and Belgium for further distribution within Europe. For example, bananas, coffee, mango and lime are sourced from the Dominican Republic and Peru. The business is coordinated from our office in Uitgeest, Holland.

For any inquiries concerning our trading business, please contact John Gerhard

You can also call directly on: +46 (0)8-554 810 47


Ekolådan is our service for consumers and the first internet based home delivery service for fruit and vegetables in Sweden, founded already in 2003. The founding idea of Ekolådan is to assist small and middle size growers to reach consumers in a simple and reliable way – through pre-determined boxes with fruit and vegetables. Since 2009, we also offer fruit to companies through Ekolådan. The customers of Ekolådan get the best organic fruit and vegetables directly to their doorstep, and they also have the possibility to add selected products from the large assortment of our wholesaler.

For further inquiries concerning Ekolådan, please contact John Gerhard

You can also call Ekolådans customer support on: +46 (0)8-554 810 80