Biodynamic & organic
products since 1974


Welcome to ’Biodynamiska Produkter’. This information in English is aimed for the international visitor to our website and contains only a brief introduction of the foundation and contact information to relevant functions within the organization.  Feel free to have a look on the Swedish version of the site to get a full picture of our assortment and services offered.
Biodynamiska Produkter is a foundation essentially aimed at accomplishing three things.
  • To support the growers by making their products available to consumers so that they gain both a market and a long term partner.
  • To offer consumers the best possible quality organic and biodynamic food products.
  • To contribute to the development of biodynamic and organic farming and related areas by supporting farming projects, research and education.

Biodynamiska Produkter fulfills these aspirations through our three business areas – read more below.